This car was restored in 2010 / 2011 as a result of some damage which was done to the car during transport. This car was an older restoration and was received with a burgundy and grey colour scheme. The body was redone in silver and black to better represent the era of the car. The woodwork in this car was stripped and restored as if it were a piece of fine furniture, the finish looks amazing in the sunlight. The mechanicals of the car were in good condition when the car was received, as a result, a cosmetic restoration with new seals and gaskets is all that was required and the car runs and drives beautifully.The instruments had suffered the effects of time and were treated to a full mechanical and cosmetic restoration by the best folks in the industry. As a result, the instrument panel is the jewelery of the car.

This model represents some of the finest cars produced during Ford's ownership of the Lincoln marque. Lincoln was founded by Henry Leland, the same man responsible for Cadillac. By 1922 Lincoln was facing bankrupcy and was purchased by Ford. Under the direction of Edsel Ford, Lincoln became one of America's premier automobile manufacturers, sharing the market with the likes of Packard, Cadillac and Auburn. Ford had also gained control of coachbuilders Dietrich and Murray.

The convertible roadster body was designed by Dietrich and built for Lincoln by the Murray body company. In 1933, a smaller, 125hp, 382 cubic inch V12 engine was designed as a more affordable alternative to the larger 448 cubic inch V12 used in the KB. The KA V12 has some advanced design features such as aluminum pistons, a four main bearing crank and offset cylinder banks. This engine is considered to be the finest V12 ever made by Lincoln.

125 hp, 382 cu. in. V12 L-head engine, Stromberg EE22 downdraft two-barrel carburetor, three speed sliding gear transmission, four wheel longitudinal leaf springs, Bendix Duo-Servo mechanical four-wheel breaks. Wheelbase: 136"

The car comes well equipped with Bendix Duo-Servo mechanical brakes, twin sidemounts with mirrors and a par of Trippe Speedlights.

In 1933 both KA and KB series Lincolns were available and as such, the smaller KA Roadster is a rarity with less than 90 being built and an estimate eleven of those surviving today.