At Vintage Rod Shop we have found that the only way to create the best possible finished product is to have full control of each project through all stages of the restoration, fabrication or customisation. As a result, we perform the following work in house:

We can perform all services to keep your vehicle running and on the road. Finding someone to service your vintage vehicle you trust can be difficult so that is why we endeavour to establish and maintain an open line of communication.

Chassis, suspension, brackets and interior hard parts can all be fabricated in house to suit a particular project. From stock replacement to custom work, we can do it all.

We have the ability to recreate many period correct finishes and textures for the automobiles we work on. From raw cast surfaces to engine turning and polishing.

Our fully equipped, in-house machine shop can create the various parts as needed from door handles to period correct nuts and bolts.

As these are vehicles first and foremost and are meant to be used. If they cannot be made better than new, they will be made as good as they ever were. Each car is stripped down to its smallest parts, cleaned and rebuilt. The result is a vehicle that is as fun to drive as it is to look at. The engine, transmission and suspension are all rebuilt if required as are all associated parts. We prefer to err on the side of preserving originality rather than taking life out of a component by unnecessary rebuilding and machine work. After completion the vehicle is driven to make any final adjustments.

This is an important element of many vintage cars and is dealt with using period correct materials and procedures along with modern methods that we have found to improve the finished product.

We have the ability to recreate many period correct finishes and textures for the automobiles we work on. From raw cast surfaces to engine turning and polishing.

We have extensive contacts throughout the collector car hobby and can source rare and out of production parts and literature for your vehicle.

With our fully enclosed and unmarked car hauler we can pickup, transport and deliver your project with complete safety and anonymity. No-one save for us will handle your project during transport and we offer white-glove service that is second to none.

We also offer a pre-purchase inspection and evaluation service which can help to identify any trouble spots in a classic that you may be thinking of purchasing. If you've bought your car at an auction in the USA, it may need some minor work before it can pass a motor vehicle inspection to be licensed in Canada. We can help with that too.

In the event that a specific task or part needs to be sent out for further attention, we have a select group of specialist companies that we deal with. We only work with those that have demonstrated an aptitude and attitude that is far above the norm, and have proven their ability to create a final product that meets or exceeds our expectations.

We've dealt with the same plating facilities for our cadmium, chrome and nickel for many years and have a very good working relationship.

We are fortunate to work with a very talented upholsterer who trained in old world techniques horse hair and jute, hand stitching etc. He also crafts incredible custom interiors from the finest Italian and Scottish leathers.

Our machine shop is able to handle anything from Crosley to Duesenberg. Engines are started and run-in on an engine dynamometer so that we have full control over engine break-in.

Quality instruments are the jewelry on your dashboard and need to look their best. We send our instruments to the best in the business and have never been disappointed.

Some parts suffer badly from wear over the years. Switchgear, door handles and pedals are all subject to heavy wear. We have found an excellent hand engraver who is able to reproduce original textures and finishes for a perfect product every time.

We work closely with a local paint shop which handles nothing but custom and classic cars to ensure that you get the best finished product possible. Collision shops simply don't provide the quality and attention to detail that our customers have come to expect.

Wood graining is a dying art and there are only a few folks specialising in it. We've tried them all and found the best, from Fords to Packards; it turns out great every time.

Consider Vintage Rod Shop when it comes time for your next project, you won't be disappointed.