What is Classic Car Restoration?

Classic Car Restoration | August 30, 2019

When repairing a classic vehicle, there are two different approaches that can be taken. through Both preservation and restoration have their respective merits and benefits and, at Vintage Rod Shop, we specialize in vintage car restoration. If you are trying to decide between the two methods of repair, knowing what classic car restoration is and how it compares to preservation can help you to make the right decision for your project.

Classic Car Restoration vs Preservation

Whether you renew an old car through restoration or preservation, the end result is usually going to be a great looking, operational classic car. There are differing opinions about which method is better and certain mechanics or car enthusiasts may prefer one method over the other. Ultimately, the best choice for your vehicle will depend on your level of skill, the amount of work that you want to put into the repair, and the state of disrepair that the vehicle is in.

What is Classic Car Preservation?

Preservation typically is the act of keeping something in its current condition. When talking about repairing a run-down old car this is not usually an option, as the car has already fallen into disrepair. Preservation, as it relates to classic car repair, is the act of renewing a vehicle as close as possible to its original state while keeping all of the original components.

Classic car preservation is an excellent option when the vehicle is not too far gone. If the components can still be preserved and repaired, this method gives a purer, more original outcome than other methods. Preservation is often simpler and requires less of the mechanic, but it also is not an option for many cars. Out of control rust, aged or unreliable engine components, and many other factors make it impossible to properly preserve a classic car.

What is Classic Car Restoration?

Classic car restoration is the act of repairing and renewing a vehicle by replacing necessary parts and repairing others. One of the benefits of restoration is that the classic car can be returned to like-new condition. In many cases, restoration can render a classic car better than when it came from the factory due to the improvements in parts and materials in the modern age.

In some cases, a classic car restoration will involve replacing only a few components of the vehicle, such a door, bumper, window, or engine. In other, more involved cases, very few pieces of the car will be salvageable, and the vehicle will need to be ripped down to the frame. For that reason, classic car restoration can be a practice that varies greatly in project scale.

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