This car was purchased at auction a couple of years ago and has undergone some major repairs since the purchase.

Shortly after delivery, the engine suffered a major failure and had to be overhauled. During the rebuild we discovered that the engine had been quickly and poorly assembled which caused it's premature failure. As a result, the engine was treated to a complete, stock rebuild with some minor improvements to extend the life of this rare 283hp Chevrolet 283.

At the same time the engine was out for overhaul, the Borg-Warner T10 4-speed transmission was torn down and the worn gears and bearings replaced.

The Fuel Injection system was completely rebuilt in-house and calibrated on an engine dynamometer during engine break-in. The car is now a joy to drive and seems to love being pushed to the limit.

This car is one of 51 produced in 1957 with the rare RPO 684 option code.

The RPO 684 option was offered as a factory built, production race car that was available to the public for serious competition use. This option carried a $780 price tag added to the $3176 base price of the car.

RPO 684 is a brake, steering and suspension package which consists of finned brake drums with vented backing plates and ceramic brake linings, stiffer front and rear springs, stiffer shock absorbers, a 11/16" swaybar and a quick steering adapter. The package also includes large 5.5" x 15" steel wheels which are built stronger than the comparable passenger car items and a Posi-Traction rear end.

Added to the suspension and brake upgrades is the RPO 579, 283hp 283 cubic inch Chevrolet V8 with Rochester mechanical fuel injection.

This car is a complete, numbers-matching example with the correct casting numbers and date codes on the block, heads, fuel meter, air meter and plenum.

This car also carries the radio delete and soft-top only options making it one of the rarest race-ready Corvettes of 1957.