How to Restore a Muscle Car

Classic Car Restoration, Muscle Cars | February 20, 2020

Like any classic car restoration project, there are many things to consider when looking into how to restore a muscle car. At Vintage Rod Shop, we specialize in vintage car restorations and parts supply for all kinds of vehicles, including muscle cars, and we know the steps involved to get started on putting your muscle car back on the road.

Restoring a Vintage Muscle Car

Restoring a muscle car can be a great journey and the end product is usually worth the toil, but there are many things to consider. Before beginning your muscle car restoration, you will need to:

Determine the Type of Restoration

Before beginning any work, you need to have a plan in place regarding the work that needs to be done. Does the engine already run? Is the restoration purely to the car’s body? Will the car need a completely new engine, or are some parts salvageable? Once you know the scope of the work required, you will be able to determine which parts of the project your level of skill and experience will allow you to do. Mistakes can be expensive when it comes to classic muscle car restorations, so it might be worth hiring help on the steps of the restoration with which you do not have experience.

Determine Your Budget

When figuring out your budget for the project, do some digging around for parts suppliers and prepare for a worst-case scenario. If you work off of a skeleton budget, it is likely that you will end up going over what you had originally hoped to spend due to parts availability, mistakes, or finding out about new problems deeper into the project. A good rule for any muscle car restoration is to set your budget and then add about 30 percent.

Source Parts and Tools

Look around for a car parts supplier that you can rely on. They should be able to help you with ordering any parts that they cannot supply in-house. It is also important to have your garage setup with all of the tools and supplies needed for your type of restoration. Having the necessary parts on hand before beginning can help to ensure that you follow your budget and finish the restoration in a timely fashion.

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