Top 5 Classic Cars to Buy in 2019

Whether you are looking into a getting a new classic car as a project, an investment, or simply because you want to own a cool piece of automotive history, getting some ideas of what the top 5 classic cars to buy in 2019 are can help you find inspiration for the type of car that you should have in your garage. At Vintage Rod Shop, we can help you restore your dream car to its original glory so that you can be the envy of everyone who sees you driving down the road.

The Top Classic Cars for 2019 Buyers

When looking for a good classic car to buy, there are some important criteria that should be considered. The current state of the car should be investigated to determine how much work it will take to restore it. The price of the car should be weighed against the amount that it will sell for once it is restored. Above all, you should consider how much you love the car and how much you will enjoy driving it around once it is restored.

Some of the top classic cars that you should look into as investment opportunities (as well as for the pure joy of the ride) in 2019 include:

1980-1986 Ford Bronco

Ford Broncos are one of the most fun SUVs available and they are extremely practical, as far as two-door SUVs go. With a new Bronco coming to the streets in 2020, interest in the classic versions of these vehicles is rising.

1994-1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon

The Roadmaster Estate Wagon is a throwback to the classic era of woody wagons but with all of the trimmings of a luxury drive, including DynaRide suspension, leather sofa seating, and surprisingly smooth handling and driving capabilities. A Buick Roadmaster might seem like an odd addition to a classic car collection but, set against a backdrop of performance vehicles and sports cars, this beautiful monster can provide some much-needed contrast and practicality.

1996 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

The Corvette of the 1990s is one of the most easily recognized cars in the world due to its sleek, iconic shape. Whenever possible, the engine of the Grand Sport should be kept original, as the low rumble and stellar acceleration will never let the driver forget this vehicle’s race car roots.

1972-1975 BMW 3.0CSL

The BMW CSL series has been driven up in value in North America by scarcity. Only 1265 3.0CSLs were made, and none of them were officially imported to America, so this car is exceptionally rare, and it does not hurt that it is an absolute beauty.

1983-1989 Land Rover Defender

For the off-road or adventure enthusiast, Land Rovers are iconic. Production of the Defender ceased in 2016, making this line a desirable addition to many collections. The Defender of the 1980s features the classic, boxy look that so many people know and love.

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