What to do When a Classic Car Part is not Available

If you are restoring a classic vehicle, one of the challenges that you will likely come up against is the availability (or lack thereof) of the parts you need to complete your project. Depending on the type of car that you are restoring, it can be difficult to find parts. Oftentimes, the most worthwhile restoration projects are the ones for which parts are impossible to find, such as pre-WWII vehicles. At Vintage Rod Shop, we provide a variety of parts sourcing and fabrication services for all kinds of vehicles and we can help you get your hands on what you need to complete your classic car restoration when a classic car part is not available from other sources.

Dealing with Hard-to-Find Car Parts

Classic car parts can be incredibly difficult to source for older or discontinued vehicles. If you want to restore a car and are trying to find parts ahead of time or if you are in the middle of a restoration project and need to find parts fast, there are many options for you to get what you need. Some of the best sources for hard-to-find car parts include:

Online Parts Sources

Ordering car parts online can be convenient when everything works well. It can be fairly straightforward to get on the Internet, find the part you need, and have it delivered, but this can also often result in headaches. In many situations, the wrong part gets delivered, the parts could be cheaply made, or the online store might be out of stock. In any case, there is often a lack of accountability when ordering online.

Order Parts from a Connected Local Supplier

There are many well-connected suppliers of vintage car parts. Check with a shop like Vintage Rod Shop to see if they are able to bring in the parts that you need from any of their sources that you might not have access to.

Have the Parts Fabricated

If you are not able to order the parts that you need to complete your project, finding a parts fabricator can often be the best way to go. At Vintage Rod Shop, we have full fabrication capabilities for classic car parts that might not be available from other sources, so any part is within your reach.

If you are trying to figure out what to do when a classic car part is not available for your restoration project, or to find out more about the car parts and services that we offer, please contact us at 604-538-8842.